Terms & Conditions

Please read the following very carefully.


Handmade Arcade is a juried event. Vendors who fulfill Handmade Arcade’s application requirements, and who are screened and accepted by Handmade Arcade, will hereinafter be known as “Accepted Vendors.”


Accepted Vendors must pay vendor space and any additional fees by Friday, October 11, 2019. NO EXCEPTIONS. If payment is not received by the due date, Accepted Vendors forfeit their vendor space at Handmade Arcade to a waitlisted applicant.


Accepted Vendors who are unable to participate in the event must notify Handmade Arcade as soon as possible. If Accepted Vendors cannot attend the event and notify Handmade Arcade by October 31, 2019, vendor space and any additional fees will be refunded. Any requests for a refund, no matter what the reason, after this date will not be refunded.


Accepted Vendors may only bring, sell, promote or display original work as shown or described in their Handmade Arcade 2019 Application.


Accepted Vendors who change their business or personal name, website, contact information or any other information from that submitted in the Handmade Arcade 2019 Application before the event date must contact Handmade Arcade with updated information no later than seven days prior to the date of the event.


Accepted Vendors will be assigned a specific load-in time for the event, as well as detailed instructions for this procedure. To facilitate the load-in of multiple vendors, these instructions must be adhered to explicitly.


Accepted Vendors will be assigned a vendor space prior to the event date. Accepted Vendors MUST comply with the parameters of their vendor space, including but not limited to, the placement of tables, chairs, racks, signs, shelves and personnel.


Accepted Vendors must remain set up in their space until the close of Handmade Arcade on December 8, 2019, at 7 p.m.


Accepted Vendors are responsible for their own cleanup following the event.


Accepted Vendors will pack their displays and products and vacate their space and the David L. Lawrence Convention Center (DLCC) no later than 90 minutes after event doors close at 7 p.m.


Music of any sort is prohibited.


Helium balloons are prohibited in the David L. Lawrence Convention Center.


Accepted Vendors consent to being photographed and recorded for Handmade Arcade publicity and promotion purposes.


Accepted Vendors, Sponsors, Youth Maker Scholarship Vendors, and Hands-on Handmade Activity Area participants may not sell merchandise containing the words “Handmade Arcade;” “Handmade Arcade: The Cutting Edge of Craft;” or depicting Handmade Arcade or Handmade Arcade logos, slogans or signage, unless specifically authorized by Handmade Arcade.


Accepted Vendors are expected to sell products that are handmade, hand-crafted or represent the artist’s personal creation. Mass-produced merchandise is prohibited at all Handmade Arcade events.


Accepted Vendors are solely responsible for collection and payment of their own taxes (all applicable city, county, state and federal sales and other taxes), licenses, personal and business liabilities and insurance.


Accepted Vendors agree to accept full responsibility for any damage caused by the negligence or volition of the Accepted Vendor, Accepted Vendor family members, employees or guests during event setup, breakdown or event hours. Accepted Vendor responsibility specifically includes payment of all damages and indemnification of Handmade Arcade from any such liability. This shall include personal injury as a result of any negligence of Handmade Arcade and/or any Handmade Arcade agent. Additionally, Handmade Arcade is not responsible and/or liable for any injury or damages to Accepted Vendors as a result of any negligence caused by the David L. Lawrence Convention Center and/or any DLCC employees and/or agents.


Handmade Arcade and Handmade Arcade representatives and agents shall not be responsible for or liable to Accepted Vendors for any loss or damage that may occur to Accepted Vendors or Accepted Vendors’ property from any source or any cause whatsoever.


Handmade Arcade and Handmade Arcade representatives and agents make no guarantees of any sort to Accepted Vendors including guarantees of Accepted Vendors’ profit, sales, business, promotion, or advertisement opportunities.


Handmade Arcade reserves the right to reject any application for any reason whatsoever.


I have read and understood the Handmade Arcade Terms & Conditions; and agree that violation of any of these policies, before or during the event, will give Handmade Arcade the right to rescind the Accepted Vendor’s space before the event or remove the Accepted Vendor during the event, without refund of the vendor space and any additional fees.

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